• 11 Jan 2023
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The development trend of the rubber crawler industry

(1) Diversified development of products in the field of high performance and application field

As an important walking component of crawler machinery, rubber tracks affect the promotion and application of downstream machinery in more operating conditions. By increasing research and development investment in the industry, the development and development of rubber formulas and track structures will continue to be optimized, and the product performance has also been continuously optimized and improved. , Gradually expand to more fields such as military vehicles, snow vehicles, all -terrain vehicles, forest fire vehicles, Yantian operating machinery and other fields. The types of rubber track products are more diverse to meet the functional needs of different application areas in different applications. The development of vehicles and its application fields will also continue to expand the market space of rubber tracks.

(2) Production to automation, intelligent transformation and upgrading

my country's rubber track industry starts late, and is in the stage of transition from labor -intensive to technology -intensive transformation. Some first -mover companies have continuously carried out technical process transformation and upgrading through their own experience, technology and funds. , Continue to improve the level of automation and intelligence in the production process, improve production efficiency and stability of product quality, reduce labor costs, ensure the ability of rapid and mass production, and achieve scale effects.