• 10 Jan 2023
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Overview of the development of global rubber track industry

In the 1960s, the Japanese rubber company Primoton took the lead in developing rubber tracks and applied to rice harvesting machinery. It was initially to solve the coalition of agricultural joint harvester metal tracked operations. It will cause damage to asphalt and concrete pavement, and rubber tires are easy to slip in the paddy field. Due to the light proportion of the rubber track, the grounding ratio of the crawler harvester is reduced, which is convenient to work in rice fields, so that the mechanized harvesting of rice can be promoted.

The rubber crawler has the advantages of good performance, less grounding comparison, vibration resistance, low noise, and no damage to the pavement. The restrictions on equipment, so after the birth, it was quickly developed and promoted, and gradually developed and applied to a variety of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, snow machinery and other fields.